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Should Americans eat more bugs?

Bugs have recently attracted public attention as a sustainable source of protein, and incorporating them into our diet could allow for both environmental and personal health benefits. In fact, bugs are eaten all across the globe, and are only associated with disgust primarily within Western countries. However, many can't help but scrunch up their nose at the thought of eating these creatures, and are highly suspicious about their taste and health benefits. Should the U.S. and other Western countries incorporate bugs into their diet?


The Case For Eating Bugs

Bugs: Not What's For Dinner, Until They're Tastier, Maybe

Your Ancestors Probably Ate Insects. So What's Bugging You?

Additional resources to think about

Bugs are sustainable food, but how do you convince people to eat them?

An article that suggests alternative ways to present bugs within food, of which may convince the general public to eat them.

Cooking with Cicadas: No Weirder Than Eating Cheese?

An article and interview that explores cicada consumption and preparation, while also shedding light on Americans' prior insect consumption.

I Hate to Break it to You, but You Already Eat Bugs

An article that details FDA's regulations concerning insects within food, and notes specifically the foods that you may have already eaten bugs from.


Who created this message?

  • What kind of “text” is it?
  • How similar or different is it to others of the same genre?
  • What are the various elements (building blocks) that make up the whole?


What creative techniques are used to attract my attention?

  • What do you notice (about the way the message is constructed)?
  • What’s the emotional appeal?
  • What makes it seem “real?”
  • Are there any symbols? Persuasive devices used?

How might different people understand this message differently from me?

  • How many other interpretations could there be?
  • How could we hear about them?
  • How can you explain the different responses?

What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message?

  • What type of person is the reader/watcher/listener invited to identify with?
  • What ideas or perspectives are left out?
  • How would you find what’s missing?
  • What judgments or statements are made about how we treat other people?


Why is this message being sent?

  • What's being sold in this message? What's being told? 
  • Who is served by or  benefits from the message
    – the public?
    – private interests?
    – individuals?
    – institutions?

5 Key Questions of Media Literacy used with permission from the Center for Media Literacy.
Copyright 2002-2018, Center for Media Literacy,


Should Americans eat more bugs?

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