What is Thinkalong?

Thinkalong™ is a service of Connecticut Public, the parent company of Connecticut Public Television and WNPR, and the state’s only locally-owned media organization producing TV, radio, print, and web content for Connecticut’s wide-ranging and diverse communities.

Through the Thinkalong™ interactive multimedia format, students can delve into topics that directly affect their lives and communities. Thinkalong™ can be used in traditional or blended classrooms supporting individual, small group, and whole-class learning.

Our Partners

PBS - A member of PBS, Connecticut Public has earned the distinction of being a leading producer and presenter of national public television shows. Using the resources from PBS and its member stations, America's #1 most trusted institution,Thinkalong™ provides curated access to innovative, educational, critically acclaimed programs.

NPR - A member of National Public Radio (NPR), American Public Media (APM), and Public Radio International (PRI), Connecticut Public is host to one of the leading news stations in the public radio system. Thinkalong™ users receive the benefit of Connecticut Public's unique local news through WNPR, as well as NPR's award-winning in-depth global news service, providing fact-based deeper learning experiences for students.

Center for Media Literacy -  A pioneer in its field, the Center for Media Literacy (CML) is an educational organization that provides leadership, public education, professional development and evidence-based educational resources nationally and internationally. Thinkalong™ features questions from the CML MediaLit Kit™ that provide a research-based teaching strategy based on longstanding theoretical foundations to help students gain media literacy skills.

Our Story

Looking for a better way to serve local teachers, Connecticut Public decided to build direct and collaborative relationships by encouraging teachers to invest their own ideas in the process of creating a necessary classroom tool based on their direction. This is some of the feedback that we received on Thinkalong so far.

Shantel Hanniford

Hartford, CT

“It got the students involved in learning more than what the textbook provides. Thinkalong™ was a great way for them to bridge their understanding beyond what I was providing in the regular social studies curriculum.”

034 Jim on Ipad
Jim Moffett

Ledyard, CT

“I really like the debate portion of Thinkalong™ and my students are doing research and gathering evidence on multiple sides of a topic and it provides a chance to take it to another level on skills that they’re going to need beyond middle school as they get ready for high school.”