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Welcome to ThinkalongTM

Our goal is to help students become better critical thinkers and media consumers by giving classrooms access to news-based learning activities made to enhance their curriculum.

A 3-Step Process


Help students explore all sides of an issue using our curated selection of documentaries, articles, and podcasts from PBS, NPR, and other public media stations.


Expand their capacity to think critically and develop informed opinions. Thinkalong's research-based media literacy questions challenge students to think about the authorship, format, audience, content, and purpose of each source.


Test their opinions with our unique debate forums. Thinkalong helps students test their opinions in  structured debates with their peers - within a single classroom, or in online “connected classrooms” that match classes across the state.

Now that you're familiar with the steps, start thinking!

Students learn from the nation's most trusted media sources