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Multicolored recycling bins on a sidewalk

Do recycling programs help reduce waste?

Young person using an e-cigarette

Do the health risks of vape products and e-cigarettes outweigh the benefits?

Gold bitcoin in front of a computer screen

Are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the future of money?

A prison cell lock, rusted and open

Should illegal drugs be decriminalized?

"Baseball at Night" 1934, by Morris Kantor

Should art be publicly funded?

chairs and desks in cubicles at an office

Are unpaid internships ethical?

A preschool classroom

Should free, public preschool be universally available?

Cars stuck in traffic on a road.

Are self-driving cars safe?

A line of lockers, the one on the left is open

Should police be allowed in schools?

Phone displaying social media app icons

Should social media companies censor hate speech?

Jeans hanging on a rack in a clothing store.

Is affordable ‘fast fashion’ clothing worth the ethical cost?

A silhouette holding an "I Voted" sticker

Should it be easier to vote in the United States?

Young student in a hoodie taking notes from a laptop

Should all public school districts offer an option for online learning?

ILGWU Local 62 marches in a Labor Day parade.

Do labor unions effectively protect workers’ rights?

Photo by Ishtiaque Hossain on Unsplash

Is hacking always wrong?

People marching with signs at the March on Washington, 1963

Is there a right way to protest?

A neon sign showing a 0 and a heart.

Is social media bad for our mental health?

LAN cables running into a wireless router

Is the internet a public utility?

A rotten apple sitting on a rock outside.

Should food-related businesses be responsible for reducing food waste?

The White House from the South Lawn

Is the presidential pardon too powerful?

Three radio telescopes pointed to the sky on a rocky ridge

Should we search for extraterrestrial life?

Women at a March 4 Women protest

Has feminism helped women gain equal rights?

Multicolored computer code on a black screen

Can data be unbiased?

Woman carrying bags jumping for joy in front of a colorful mural

Can money buy happiness?

U.S. Capitol Buiding at night - Washington D.C. United States of America

Should the U.S. Senate eliminate the filibuster?

A young girl drinking water from a glass.

Is access to water a human right?

Vegetables in a display case at a market

Should everyone eat a plant-based diet?

Boston's Old State House

Should historic buildings be preserved?

Plastic bottles and other recyclables in a pile.

Should single-use plastics be banned?

A building rooftop covered in gardens.

Can urban agriculture solve the issue of food security for city dwellers?

A palette of watercolors on the table and paintings drying in the background

Should artworks be valued at millions of dollars?

Homes against a backdrop of a city skyline

Should gentrification be stopped?

Two women's' ice hockey teams line up at the faceoff circle

Should professional sports organizations pay their male and female athletes the same?

Pile of old alarm clocks

Is daylight saving a waste of time?

Fried crickets at the plate on a wooden

Should we eat more bugs?

Rolls of maps in front of a map on a wall

Should maps be considered works of art?

Empty picture frames lean against a wall.

Should it ever be okay to destroy a work of art?

Uniformed female sailors in formation.

Should women be required to register for the draft?

Two cooling towers and smoke over a riverfront.

Is nuclear power a better option for energy than fossil fuels?

Student woman wearing face mask putting poster on the school wall

Does donating money advance racial equity?

A group of volunteers loading boxes into a pickup truck.

Should the United States require a year of national service?

Photo of coins spilling out of a glass jar

Should the U.S. raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour?

Photo of Manhattan's skyline during the day.

Should all companies that profit also pay taxes?

Woman paying at a cashier with a credit card

Should we become a cashless society?

demonstrate facial recognition software

Should law enforcement agencies have access to facial recognition technology?

Photo of an ambulance with lights on in motion.

Should the United States move to a single-payer health insurance system?

Photo of yellow number 2 pencils on a white sheet of paper.

Are standardized tests necessary to measure students’ academic abilities?

Photo of different cash bills from various countries.

Should governments provide universal basic income?

Photo of an art gallery hallway.

Should stolen art and artifacts be returned to their culture of origin?

Photo of a man working with a bandsaw.

Should essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic receive hazard pay?

Photo of an empty high school basketball court and gym.

Should school districts ban Native American imagery, names, and mascots?

Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Should we defund the police?

Photo of a person holding a U.S. dollar bill with its reverse side to the camera.

Is money speech?

A photo of a woman in a face mask walking her bike on the street.

Should face masks be federally mandated?

A photo of a roll of American flag "I Voted" stickers

Should the United States abolish the Electoral College?

Learning how to weave

Should Columbus Day be replaced by Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

A picture of the Supreme Court building against a light blue sky with clouds.

Should Supreme Court Justices have term limits?

A photo of a pen next to a mail-in election ballot and an envelope.

Should all Americans vote by mail?

Bugler Statue in Bronze

Should Confederate monuments be removed from public spaces?

Digital Divide

Should schools provide a laptop and internet access for all students?


Should high schools prioritize college or workforce preparedness?

canva-photo-editor (11)

Should we make voting mandatory?


Should school weeks be four days instead of five?


Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?

DNA background

Should scientists be able to modify human genes?

Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary

Should we lower the voting age?

Selective focus image of the United States Constitution with quill pen, glasses and candle holder

Should we rewrite our Constitution?

Boy Reading Book With Torch Under Duvet

Should controversial books be censored?

canva-photo-editor (10)

Should school districts ban contact sports with potential for concussions?


Should it be illegal to publish fake news?


Should we end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)?

Beautiful happy mixed race African American girl teenager female child smiling with perfect teeth and texting sending text message on cell phone

Should social media companies be allowed to sell your data?

A variety of different shell casings spread across the floor at a shooting range with target in the background.

Should Congress ban assault rifles?


Should companies have to unlock encrypted communication in the case of a crime?


Should humans colonize Mars?

canva-photo-editor (8)

Should the U.S. leave the Paris Climate Accord?

Antique red and white Megaphone. (vintage style)

Should hate speech be protected by the First Amendment?

canva-photo-editor (6)

Should the federal government require healthy school lunches?


Should we classify human history as the “Anthropocene age”?


Should reparations be paid to African-Americans?

A person holds a peace sign banner at a protest

Are protests necessary for social change?

A 'No Trespassing' sign at Lock & Dam 8 along the Mississippi River near Genoa, Wisconsin.

Should the U.S. government be allowed to seize private property?


Should we ban affirmative action in college admissions?

Female High School Basketball Player Shooting Basket

Should student athletes be paid?

canva-photo-editor (9)

Should a college education be free?

Corn field at mountain

Should we label genetically modified foods?