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Should school weeks be four days instead of five?

Since the Great Recession, schools across America have been struggling with underfunded budgets, which has caused school officials to get creative with saving money. In western states especially, a growing amount of school districts have reduced the school week from five to four days. Studies say the shorter school week doesn't save much money, but some superintendents say they save money on utilities, transportation, and substitute teachers, and the teacher morale boost is worth it.


Budget Battle Forces Oklahoma Schools To Try 4-Day Weeks

When A 4-Day School Week Might Cost More Than It Saves

Additional resources to think about

Half Of Colorado School Districts Have 4-Day Weeks. What's The Impact On Students?
A Colorado superintendent speaks out to explain why her district moved to a 4-day week.

Are 4-Day School Weeks the Way of the Future?
An interview with another superintendent who served as a principal during his district’s transition. He talks about the pros and cons of the new schedule.

A troubling contagion: the rural 4-day school week
This piece from Brookings is a summary of their study of 4-day school weeks.


Who created this message?

  • What kind of “text” is it?
  • How similar or different is it to others of the same genre?
  • What are the various elements (building blocks) that make up the whole?


What creative techniques are used to attract my attention?

  • What do you notice (about the way the message is constructed)?
  • What’s the emotional appeal?
  • What makes it seem “real?”
  • Are there any symbols? Persuasive devices used?

How might different people understand this message differently from me?

  • How many other interpretations could there be?
  • How could we hear about them?
  • How can you explain the different responses?

What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message?

  • What type of person is the reader/watcher/listener invited to identify with?
  • What ideas or perspectives are left out?
  • How would you find what’s missing?
  • What judgments or statements are made about how we treat other people?


Why is this message being sent?

  • What's being sold in this message? What's being told? 
  • Who is served by or  benefits from the message
    – the public?
    – private interests?
    – individuals?
    – institutions?

5 Key Questions of Media Literacy used with permission from the Center for Media Literacy.
Copyright 2002-2021, Center for Media Literacy,


Should school weeks be four days instead of five?

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