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Teaching Science to Address Societally Pressing Phenomena and Challenges

February 23, 2021

As science teacher educators committed to making science relevant to students’ lives and consequential in the pursuit of justice, we highlight how science intersects with society, especially how science is represented and made accessible through the media. A most prominent case of how science and society intersect is currently affecting our daily lives – systemic…

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young adult videos themselves on a cell phone

Demonstrating Critical Media Literacy Skills on TikTok

November 10, 2020

How do young people demonstrate critical media literacy skills in social media? As a millenial on TikTok, I tend to behave more as a wallflower (or whatever the digital version of that would be), quietly laughing and scrolling through videos without comment rather than daring to attempt to create my own. It’s not necessarily a…

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Media Literacy as the Foundation for Learning

September 11, 2020

In a world saturated with media, what does media literacy offer? Importantly, media literacy provides a way for users to understand their lifelong relationship with media – with how the world is represented to them, and how they represent themselves to the world, from cradle to grave. Media literacy addresses the physical and the digital…

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Educators: Please Take Our Survey

August 3, 2020

Take Our Survey: Your feedback helps develop young critical thinkers by ensuring they have access to high-quality, research-informed educational tools. Educators: Once you’ve completed the survey you’ll be entered to win one of 50 Thinkalong™ Crit Kits from Connecticut Public (be sure to enter your email so we can contact the winners). The kits include…

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