Student Safety and Privacy

As a public media station, trust is our first priority. That’s why we are committed to protecting student and teacher privacy on all of our platforms. Here’s how we’re making sure that students are protected while they use thinkalong.

Our Commitment to Student Privacy

1. We do not collect personal data

Students aren’t required to submit their names or email addresses for any component of Thinkalong.

2. Thinkalong was designed to be open and safe for students

There’s no sign-in, survey, or paywall required to use Thinkalong. We are committed to using the least amount of data possible to help us improve the Thinkalong program and support our community of students and educators.

3. We are in compliance with the Connecticut Student Privacy Act.

Thinkalong supports compliance with the privacy and security requirements of the Connecticut Student Privacy Act. You can find our program on the state list of companies that have signed the Student Privacy Pledge.

4. We are committed to transparency and welcome questions about our student data policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about student privacy while using Thinkalong, reach out to us at