User Testimonials

From its very beginning, the development of Thinkalong™ has been informed, inspired and guided by its intended users and beneficiaries: educators and students. We take the opinions, ideas and advice of our users seriously.

Parents, educators of all kinds, and students are encouraged to reach out to our team and let us know what YOU think: email

Below is some of the feedback we have received on Thinkalong™ — so far.

What Users Are Saying About Thinkalong

Shantel Hanniford
Educator, Hartford , CT
“It got the students involved in learning more than what the textbook provides. Thinkalong™ was a great way for them to bridge their understanding beyond what I was providing in the regular social studies curriculum.”


Jim Moffett
Educator, Ledyard, CT
“I really like the debate portion of Thinkalong™ and my students are doing research and gathering evidence on multiple sides of a topic and it provides a chance to take it to another level on skills that they’re going to need beyond middle school as they get ready for high school.”